Arindam Paul

What did I learn in grad school ? How to be an expert at failing

I love reading. Recently, I have become hooked onto reading books on psychology and philosophy. Although not a social scientist, the complexity of the human mind and society have always interested me. Right now, I am reading Elon Musk's biography and Eric Schmidt's How Google Works.

My other hobby is creative writing. Although, primarily I write short stories and poems, my goal is to write a novel this year. One day, I would like to have my work published. Meanwhile, you can follow my blog.I also enjoy public speaking. I had extreme stage fright and I had started my voyage of public speaking by going to a Northwestern Toastmasters open house. Since then, I have fallen in love with public speaking and Toastmasters. I love speaking with passion and listening to wonderful moving stories.

I am enthusiastic about science communication and an avid Quoran. I love answering questions on Quora and feel more fulfilled as an academic. I think I learn more and go deeper in the topic when I have to respond to an answer requested to me. Follow me. Of late, I have also become active in answering questions on ResearchGate.

And I love animals especially the little ones. Whenever life gets boring or hard or I am down, I watch adorable baby animals. My favorite are kitten videos.

By seeking and blundering we learn - Goethe