Arindam Paul

Computer Scientist | Engineer | Researcher | Innovator

My friends call me a lifelong learner. One reason maybe becauseā€¦.

I am currently a doctoral candidate in Computer Engineering at Northwestern University. I have a B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) in Chemical Engineering and M.Eng. in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, India and a M.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern University. Hopefully by 2018, I would be having four different degrees, all in separate disciplines.

My current research is at the intersection of Machine Learning and Computational Materials Science. I study materials data and try to build intelligent systems to accelerate materials discovery. Right now, I am also using Deep Learning techniques as I am handling more volumnious and unstructured data.

I am working at the CUCIS lab led by Prof. Alok Choudhary. I am also co-advised by Prof. Ankit Agrawal. My projects are part of the Materials Genome Initiative of the US Government. I am funded by MURI and CHIMAD initiatives. I feel this IronMan video sums up the future of materials discovery (After all, its a soft scifi movie so it "stretches" the truth).Recently, I gave a talk to a generic graduate school audience on my research.

Before finding my purpose at my current lab, I have worked on internet privacy at the Northwestern Networks Group led by Prof. Kuzmanovic, and studied anonymity in social media at the Northwestern Social Media Lab directed by Prof. Birnholtz.

Teaching is my biggest passion. I enjoy spending time with my students while TAing and whenever I take a course, I imagine how I would like to teach the same course. Although, I see myself as a professor 5-10 yrs down the line, I would like to work in industrial research for a while.

Right now, their is a lot of pioneering research in Machine Learning happening in industry. Google DeepMind, FAIR, IBM Watson, Baidu are currently what Bell Labs was in the 1960s. Ben Goertzel is my idol. He is the reason I have become excited about Artifical General Intelligence. Read his latest blog. I closely follow the work and videos of Deep Learning pioneers like Geoff Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCunn, Andrew Ng , Zhoubin Ghahramani to name a few. I also love how the hype of Deep Learning has led to celebrity grad students like Alex Krizhevsky, Andrej Karpathy etc.

Don't ever let anybody tell you can't do something - Pursuit of Happyness